Design Thinking can be a powerful tool for driving innovation and improving business outcomes, but it’s not always easy to secure buy-in from others, especially if they are unfamiliar with the approach. You may see some resistance to leveraging the approach at your organization. Here are a few strategies you might consider for overcoming resistance to using Design Thinking within a business.

1. Communicate the benefits and value of Design Thinking.

As with any change initiative, make sure that the people you are trying to convince understand the value that design thinking can bring to the business. Share examples of successful companies that have used design thinking and explain the specific benefits that design thinking can provide. Use vocabulary and language that will resonate with the intended audience.

2. Start small and build momentum.

It can be intimidating to try to implement design thinking across an entire organization all at once. Instead, best practices encourage starting with a small pilot project to demonstrate the value of Design Thinking. A pilot project can help build momentum and create support for expanding the use of design thinking more broadly.

3. Show the results.

One of the best ways to overcome resistance to design thinking is to show that it works. Share the results of your pilot project, or any other projects where you have applied design thinking principles. This will help to build credibility and demonstrate the value of the approach.

4. Line up support from key influencers.

Identify key influencers within the organization and work to build support among them. These could be senior leaders, directors, managers, or other influential individuals who can help champion the use of design thinking within the business.

5. Be patient.

Change can be difficult, and it may take time to overcome resistance to design thinking. Be patient and continue to educate and demonstrate the value of the approach. With time, you may be able to build support and help your organization embrace design thinking as a key part of its innovation strategy.

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