We will help you grow professionally, enhancing your ability to lead innovative teams.

That’s our Mission and our Focus.

Astrevo was formed in 2019 to help individuals improve their project management skills, become better leaders, and achieve professional greatness. The company provides training, coaching, and consultation services to individuals, small businesses, educational institutions, and professional associations.


Let Your Dreams Take Flight

Why Astrevo

Traditionally, managing projects has focused on planning, aligning people and resources, and controlling risk. In the current business environment, this is clearly not enough to be successful. Project leaders must look beyond the foundational knowledge of managing projects and embrace more innovative practices and methodologies.

Astrevo has the know-how and learning methods to help you and your teams embrace more innovative practices and methodologies to achieve business success.



Plan for Success

Our aim is to help teams learn and deploy innovative methods by helping teams focus on what’s important: less time managing projects, more time focusing on outcomes and customers.

Our 3 Key Principles:


Experiential Learning

Embracing a growth mindset supported in hands-on learning.



Tackling problems from different perspectives and with new techniques.



Working with others to solve hard problems.

Who is Astrevo?

Astrevo was founded by seasoned program manager, Bruce Gay, who manages large-scale strategic programs aimed at improving organizational performance. His expertise includes 15 years managing creative teams that incorporated user-centered design and design thinking methodologies into their product development processes.

“I enjoy bringing order to chaos and spending time with leaders to study and learn from their successes (and failures).

For the past 15 years, I managed product teams that incorporated UX Design and Design Thinking methodologies into their product development processes.”

— Bruce Gay, Astrevo Founder

Bruce Gay

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