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Five thoughts on project management for June 2024:

1)   It’s summertime! Here are 4 tips for successful summer project management from Tony Fatouros.

2)  Have you ever had one of those weeks when everyone on your team offloads their stress on you? Dina Denham Smith shares 5 strategies on what to do to maintain the emotional well-being of your team and to keep yourself from burning out.

3)  Michael Wood provides a great overview of the team roles needed on AI projects.

4)   Our brains are hardwired to find faults, so naturally leaders and managers tend to focus on opportunities for improvement. To inspire great performance from our teams, we should lead with meaningful feedback based on unique strengths.

5)  Michelle Arnett explains how (and why) project managers can get more involved in the creative strategy behind their projects. Learn tips to flex your creative muscle.

One question for YOU to ponder:
  • What is your one big win so far this year?


“In summer, the song sings itself.”

William Carlos Williams, poet

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