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Five thoughts on project management for April 2024:

1) I recently taught a three-day workshop on adapting to organizational change for Federal Government executives. We spent a fair amount of time internalizing the Bridges Transition Model for managing your team through transition. The biggest take away is that “Transition starts with an ending”. If you are leading change, you need to help your team memorialize the “Ending” before they can cross into a “New Beginning”.

2) Joe Wynn shares several tips for countering organizational resistance to Artificial Intelligence. As project leaders, we need to be able understand the “why” for the new product or service. Then apply the rationale and guidance to our own communications with our colleagues and stakeholders. Become the champion of the change to AI.

3) The PMI Sweden Chapter and its collaborators released a report Navigating AI in Project Management. It’s quite comprehensive but worth the look.

4) PMI released their Pulse of the Profession® 2024 report “The Future of Project Work: Moving Past Office-Centric Models”. One of the fascinating findings is that hybrid PM frameworks are quickly gaining ground and may have in fact surpassed the use of agile approaches in 2023. The report also covers how staff work location (e.g. remote, in office, hybrid) has a neutral impact on project performance. Overall interesting report!

5) We all know that conflict is a part of project management. So how do you recognize and manage team conflict before it boils over? James Elliott shares his thoughts on common triggers and mitigation strategies Boiling Points and Burnout: Recognizing the Triggers of Conflict.

One question for YOU to ponder:

  • How do you bring innovation and creativity into your daily tasks?


“The truth is that most of life will unfold in accordance with forces far outside your control, regardless of what your mind says about it.”

Michael A. Singer, author / journalist

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