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Four thoughts on project management for August:

1)  The Project Management Institute has released a new report on risk and resilience. The 17-page report is available for download by PMI members and non-members. Check it out for tips on how to apply strategic risk management to your projects and programs!

2)  Job burnout can be a difficult subject to discuss. Aaron Smith shares results from a recent poll of 200 project leaders on the causes for experiencing burnout from work. Aaron also lays out some steps to address mental well-being. Worth the read.

3)  Ever wonder how Zoho Projects compares to other PPM software? Or if it is a good fit for your organization? A good colleague, Sarah Hoban, published a solid product review of Zoho. Sarah notes that Zoho’s trial options give potential buyers latitude to test things out with minimal risk.

4)  The PMO Global Alliance has reached the regional finals stage in its 2023 PMO of the Year Award. Check out the seven finalists from around the world. The PMO Awards team has also highlighted semi-finalists for “PMO Leader of the Year” and “PMO Influencer of the Year” categories.

One question for YOU to ponder:
  • What problem could you avoid in the future if you had the courage to talk about it now?


 “My advice for life: dance and sing your song while the party is still on.”

― Rasheed Ogunlaru, Leadership Coach


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