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Five thoughts on project management for December 2023:

1)  I am writing a book with the working title “The Collaboration Manifesto”. If you are interested reading the nine proclamations that I have come up with and a draft Preface to the book, check out my post on LinkedIn. Feedback is always welcome!

2)  The PMO Global Alliance just announced winners of its PMO Global Awards for 2023. Check out the companies and individuals that are being recognized this year.

3)  Richard Young interviews Nicola Canale and Mark Bradley (winners of APM’s PMO of the Year) to get their top tips for PMO excellence. I am a big fan of #6 “Carve out time to think and develop”.

4)  Mental health and well-being often take a backseat in our professional lives. Antonio Nieto Rodriguez shares the challenges we face as well as some recommendations on how to increase mental well-being in your projects.

5)   Benefits are the reason why organizations undertake complex and challenging projects. But how can we make sure that the benefits identified in business cases are achieved? Felicity Goldsack lays out the process of benefits management and provides several tips to ensure your team stays on track to deliver the expected benefits.

One question for YOU to ponder:

  • What was my biggest relationship accomplishment this year?


“Three stages of career development are: I want to be in the meeting, I want to run the meeting, I want to avoid meetings.”

Jay Ferro, CIO & CTO, Clario


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