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Five thoughts on project management for January 2024:

1)  A key part of our job is to keep our teams motivated and on track when things start to go sideways. 😱 This is not always easy. Rebecca Zucker shares some strategies to help boost your team’s morale. Worth the read!

2)  PMI released a report in November 2023 on “Building and Leading High-performing Teams”. If you want to level up your leadership, the report recommends focuses on culture, empowerment, engagement, and resilience with your teams.

3)  Tunde Ajia wrote an excellent article on modern day leadership in project organizations. Tunde provides a summary of the 6 key skills that leaders need to embody as well as the importance of practicing self-leadership, where leaders lead themselves first.

4)  Have you heard of “Milestone-Kanban Schedule (MKS)”? Alan Zucker lays out the fundamentals of this hybrid project management technique. MKS uses iterative planning, milestones to establish a project roadmap, a Kanban board to manage the work, and stand-up meetings to track progress. Check out Alan’s step-by-step guidance on how to start using Milestone Kanban with your teams.

5) Recently I stumbled across Agile 2. What is Agile 2, you ask?! Agile 2 was created by an intentionally diverse group that seeks the “next iteration of agile”. Read about the case for pivoting to Agile 2 and its Values and Principles. Perhaps we are seeing the evolution of agile way of working.

One question for YOU to ponder:

  • What is one new skill you have learned this past year?


“Any new beginning is forged from the shards of the past, not from the abandonment of the past.”

Craig Lounsbrough, professional counselor / author

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