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Five thoughts on project management for February 2024:

1)  If you sat for your PMP certification, you are probably aware of a root cause analysis tool named the Ishikawa (or Fishbone) Diagram. The Ishikawa Diagram helps teams identify many possible causes for an undesired effect or problem. Recently I have been teaching this tool to mid-level project managers and they have found it useful.

Check out this resource page on ASQ’s website for or more information on how to use the Ishikawa Diagram.

2)    Here is great quote from a fellow PM, George Freeman, “Change is the source of, and the solution to, all the problems we face in the project economy.” Check out George’s somewhat humorous article on the “6 drivers of change and how to harness them”.

3)  Dr. Gennadii Miroshnikov shares some research and insights on the concept of a “Stress-Is-Enhancing Mindset”. Someone with this mindset sees daily life stressors as challenges for which they have adequate resources. They also believe that experiencing stress facilitates learning and growth, enhances performance and productivity, and improves health and vitality. Read more on  “How Project Managers can turn stress into their ally”.

4)  Being busy in today’s world is by far the norm. Lonnie Pacelli highlights “9 Reasons to Stop Telling People How Busy You Are”. Busyness impacts not only you, but also those around you.

5)  A good colleague of mine, Mashhood Ahmed, is delivering an AI Masterclass for PMs on Saturday, 24 Feb 2024. For more details “Unlocking Productivity Secrets for Project Managers”.

One question for YOU to ponder:

  • What was the moment where you felt most motivated in the past month?


“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”

Arthur Ashe, professional tennis player / activist

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