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Five thoughts on project management for March 2024:

1) PMI continues to publish resources for PMs to level up their knowledge on Generative AI. There is a new online training module called “Data Landscape of GenAI for Project Managers”, which is offered free to PMI members. In this course you learn more about data, data governance, risks, and common security threats related to GenAI. Definitely worth taking the training!

2)  Dave Waller shares 5 ways to keep your team motivated. A critical point is asking your team members directly what motivates them. Don’t assume you know their needs.

3)  Dr. Angela Lecomber and Geoff Rankins share a Reimagined Approach to Disaster Management. I found the charts included in the article to be very useful.

4) What can project managers learn about change management from an old frog fable? Desmond Chin shares his perspective on managing project change, including tips on using a decision model from the military called the OODA Loop as an adaptive framework.

5) Project Managers should strive to build a shared understanding of success across stakeholders. Carol Morley looks at how integrating project management and change leadership during initiation stage can build a shared vision of success. Great info if you are involved in transformation initiative.


One Miscellaneous Item:

1)  I have been using a tool called RAIDLOG to manage the risks, actions, issues, and decisions for one of my client’s projects. It turns out that RAIDLOG has some interesting AI tools to help with risk management and staying resilient. Sign up today at https://raidlog.com/ to harness the full potential of AI in project management. Use group code “PMINSIGHTS” to receive a 90-day free trial of the software.


  • What is the greatest talent that you bring to your work?


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